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Resources - How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help

How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help?

A Successful Personal Injury Case Can Lead to Receiving a Healthy Payout

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) statistics show that the rate of construction accidents and site fatality deaths has dropped about 47 percent in the past decade. Of approximately 100,000 workers, there was a drop from 12.9 fatalities in 2000 to 9.6 in 2008. Workers know that they face the possibility of a construction site injury—or in extreme cases, death—on a daily basis when they’re on-site. Most of these injuries and deaths are the result of falls, crush injuries from getting caught between equipment, electric shock, and exposure to toxic and flammable chemicals. The construction profession is one of the most dangerous and most expensive for insurance companies; claims for injuries due to construction accidents are second only to car accident claims.  

On a daily basis, an employee on a construction site is exposed to falls, injury from falling objects, and exposed nails that can lead to severe cuts that, if not properly treated, can lead to bacterial infections or tetanus. If you’re the operator of heavy machinery, you could also be exposed to life-threatening circumstances. Bottom line, accidents happen, and the financial consequences to the injured person and his family can be grave. Bear in mind that on-site work injuries can happen to anyone, from an office worker who gets a shirt sleeve caught in a copier machine to a trip and fall injury—workplaces are inherently dangerous.

Injuries that occur at work through no fault of your own could lead to your being able to receive compensation for that injury. If an injury occurs at work, you will be faced with legal proceedings to share your side of the story, but a successful personal injury case in the event of a construction accident injury can lead to your receiving a healthy payout. The compensation you receive can ease the burden of paying your medical bills as well as make up for lost wages as a result of the construction accident.

Individuals who are injured at work and need to file a personal injury claim because of the construction accident will need to retain the services of a personal injury attorney to help navigate the maze toward the eventual end of your claim. A personal injury attorney is highly skilled in construction accident injury and death claims; many of these accident attorneys provide services on a no-win, no-fee basis—if you don’t win, they don’t get paid.

Regardless of the precautions you take on the worksite, from wearing a hard hat to keeping ties and loose clothing away from the moving parts of copiers or other office equipment, accidents will happen. If you’ve done all you can to protect yourself but still find you’re injured as the result of a construction site injury, your best step toward protecting yourself, your family, and your future health is to contact an experienced, established personal injury attorney.