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Resources - Personal Injury Understood

Personal Injury Understood

Personal Injury Is an Extension of the Law That Deals Specifically With Wrongful Doings or Damages

Personal injury is an extension of the law that deals specifically with wrongful doings or damages. These could come in the form of physical or psychological damages to a person or to the person’s reputation. Personal injuries can happen in a wide variety of ways, such as slipping at work, using a faulty product, or being involved in a traffic accident. Although each case will have its own characteristics, they all involve negligence by another person.

When deciding if a personal injury case or personal injury attorney is right for you, start by determining if physical or emotional damages have occurred and who is to blame. The compensation associated with the case is dependent upon the severity of the incident. There are also compensations that can be collected due to emotional and mental affects. These factors will all be determined in front of a judge.

As with any legal case, seeking professional help from a personal injury attorney is crucial to receiving the greatest results. These cases can be complex, which makes it crucial to have an educated, well-organized attorney on your side. The purpose of having a personal injury attorney or professional legal team during any type of personal injury case is to ensure a fair and accurate outcome. For questions or to determine if you are eligible to file a personal injury claim, contact Ianelli Law.